balu-mahi-verticalBalu’ an Aeronautical engineer from London crashes his ex-girlfriend Ayesha’s wedding in Lahore only to find out he is at the wrong wedding. The bride to be at the wedding ‘Mahi’ a chatterbox and full of life girl, doesn’t want to get married and decides to run away with Balu. Balu unwillingly agrees to help Mahi run away from her wedding and family only to find out that Mahi’s family is part of the police force. Balu and Mahi make their way through the city while trying not to be caught. On their run they come across different people and land marks of the city discovering new things about the city and also themselves. After a series of events, cat and mouse chases and heart to heart conversations Balu gives up and hands over Mahi to her family. The moment they are separated Balu realizes what a grave mistake he has made. Balu leaves for London.

Unable to get over the guilt of deceiving Mahi, Balu decides to get it right the second time and attempts to help Mahi run away again only to find out Mahi is already a step ahead of him. Balu returns to Lahore and visits Mahi’s house to apologize to Mahi and her family but finds out that Mahi has already run away from home again. The family suspects Balu to have a hand in Mahi’s running away. The cycle starts all over again but with a twist that no one could have predicted leading Balu with the help of his best friend, ‘Hassan’ to the northern areas of Pakistan to find Mahi playing Polo as a Man.

Balu cements his place at the polo festival in order to convince Mahi to stop pretending to be a man and forgive him for his deception. They spend a couple of days together in midst of the polo festival and competition over coming past mistakes and grievances. When everything seems to be heading the right way, Mahi’s family shows up leading to a topsy turvy culmination to the story of “BALU MAHI